Stay tuned…

Dear Readers,

We have been kind of quiet since the Board of Governors (they get their real name back) came to its senses and sent RTV to that great hat shop in the presidential sky.

That will continue until they — as we used to use as our tag line — start doing shit again. But we plan to do some analytical and speculative posts.

Right now, Dr. Alan is doing all the right things, half a day in.

He was pictured in The Globe greeting students who returned from an (gasp) international trip. And the university is talking about its mission and what it should mean to Southwest Missouri. Will it be an international mission? Maybe. But if it isn’t, it seems Dr. Alan is willing to have a DISCUSSION. A CONVERSATION. An INCLUSIVE, OPEN PROCESS.

Shit. We can’t even remember the last time that happened. Look at Chad Stebbins, here. It looks like the guy has gotten 10 years back, lost weight and got laid. All in a month.




10 Responses to Stay tuned…

  1. Pippa says:

    Reblogged this on Far Out on the Farm and commented:
    I love this blog –

  2. Lars says:

    When it comes to MSSU administrators, it’s guilty until proven innocent. One picture and one handshake might be a good start, but it’s just a start. A very small start. We’ll see what Marble is all about once we get to the fall.

    • I Was Never Here says:

      Numbers, he’s about numbers. Can you squeeze more students in each class? Will your faculty max out on overloads? You need to get more and more students into and out of your program. Always more students.

  3. Countdown Clock (expired) says:

    What in the bloody blue blazes is going on in athletics? First, we fire our volleyball coach AFTER the school year is over? If you’re going to do that, why not in November so we have time to get a new coach AND that person has time to recruit.
    Now, today, word comes that Mitts is retiring for a teaching job else where at MSSU? WHY? What crappy timing! In the middle of the summer? What does this do for recruiting? How are they going to find a coach at this late time?
    Who’s next? How is the search for a new VB coach going? How is fundraising going for the baseball stadium? Who is taking over for Rutledge? Who is going to be the next basketball coach? Too many questions, not enough answers.

  4. Countdown Clock (expired) says:

    The coaching carousel continues to turn out here and we are still awaiting something from The Watch. Volleyball decides to ride this season with an interim coach, women’s basketball is an interim coach, the president is an interim. Is MSSU becoming Missouri Southern Interim University? Word on the street is that Corn will be done after this year, yet his official line is “I’ll decide when the year is over.” How long until we have an interim AD too?

  5. CaffeineKatie says:

    Here’s a thought–let’s get rid of athletics. Saves money, we can stop pretending the program leads to jobs for the participants, and fundraising can focus on donations that benefit the entire university.

  6. Prince of Darkness says:

    Will the new President begin to cut the deadwood and make MSSU lean and mean again? Example? Service learning section. One person’s agenda to help her son further his Boy Scout achievements. Waste of grant and taxpayer money. Wake p administration.

  7. Pitt State Fan says:

    Funny, I thought all these years Southern just failed to show up to play. Now, their own fans are wanting to ax the athletic department. Can you imagine a university with no athletic department? Might as well revert back to a junior college: Joplin Juco!
    As sad as if may seem, I keep looking south and all I see is a train wreck, but I can’t help but look every now and then.

  8. Countdown Clock (expired) says:

    Come on SW, is any one awake at the helm? Ron Richard is on the warpath about MSSU and the failing to fill board positions and we’ve got more interims in positions of leadership than hired/appointed directors. Who is holding whom accountable? We want answers? Who’s asking questions? Feed me.

  9. Pitt State Fan says:

    WOW! Postgame fireworks and laser light show! Two questions, will MSSU football actually provide fireworks during the game (can they play?) and will the fans actually stick around for the postgame show if the team stinks it up again?

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