And some say Speck never made an impact…now everyone is “Watching”

When catching up on The Turner Report this week, we came upon this gem of a post about a blog by two Joplin High School students who have concerns about the direction the Joplin R-8 School District is headed.

So they started a blog. And they call it Joplin Schools Watch.

They are telling administrators in their district that they are watching. And they are asking. And that they are stakeholders. The students write under their own names, which we applaud. And that isn’t a hypocritical position. Students can’t be fired.

And, apparently, they aren’t alone. This is from the blog’s “About” page:

This website is the voice of students, parents, and teachers who wish to bring the inner-workings of the Joplin School District to light.

Quite frankly, every school district, college, university, city council should have someone running a “Watch.” It is citizen journalism and populist activism at its best. Would the Joplin Globe ask these questions? Maybe the Joplin Globe doesn’t because it doesn’t even know what answers the public wants.

But can administrators punish these students for being critical of the district in an online medium and for content they produce off campus on their own time and with their own equipment?

If the district tries to discipline these brave young people, we hope they sue its ass off.

And we hope they keep “Watching.”


One Response to And some say Speck never made an impact…now everyone is “Watching”

  1. Worn Slick says:

    Is anarchy now acceptable in the Joplin R-8? First Randy Turner, now the students are blogging about the vision the Adminstration and BoE have for a 21st century institution. Do not pull back the curtains on the great and powerful Oz. C.J. Can cry on cue and Angie is assimilating a policy agreement for students that will call for police to escort offender off the property. As the great Eric Cartman said, Do not question my authority!

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