Let’s hope the new boss isn’t same as the old boss

It has been well-chronicled that Speck accomplished little of note in his time here. Apparently, Dr. Alan Marble did accomplish some significant things.

Here are some of the more interesting headlines we found in minutes by searching for “Dr. Alan Marble” on the Neosho Daily News website:

Crowder, Carthage form partnership

Crowder breaks ground on McDonald County campus

Crowder enrollment numbers up

Crowder to offer classes in Carthage

Crowder hits record spring enrollment

Crowder offers classes at nine sites

Crowder College gets good marks in early audit

Marble gets probation for DUI

Crowder makes nationally-ranked list as workplace

That went back to July 2011. Notice the enrollment headlines and the expansion of the Crowder footprint. This week Crowder’s board gave a green light to seeking bids for a new residence hall.

Also note the last two headlines. Apparently Marble is quite capable of boorish behavior at times. But he recognized his mistake and took his medicine.

Then Crowder make a Chronicle of Higher Education list as one of the best places to work in the US. And if that culture can be transplanted to Southern, that will be a great departure from the last five years and a good start.


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