Favorite Bruce Speck memories…

We are inviting Watch readers to comment and tell us your favorite memories — good, bad, funny, surreal — of deposed University President Bruce Speck.

We will start.

Our favorite memory was Speck (and he was trying to be a good sport) dressing up in a burrito costume and rolling on the floor at Leggett & Platt. Which led to the moniker “Burrito Bruce.”

Your turn!


4 Responses to Favorite Bruce Speck memories…

  1. TheatreGuest says:

    I was at a Christmas dinner theatre where Speck was the guest of honor. During intermission, he was asked to sing. He asked the audience for requests, and someone shouted “O Holy Night.” He proceeded to make excuses about not being adequately prepared, not being able to hit the notes, etc. Then, suddenly he begins belting it out. Lips quivering, mouth gaping, face beginning to blend in with his burgundy turtleneck. I was in shock, but when he hit the highest note, there was something about his maniacal facial expression that made me lose it. I had to excuse myself and go bury my face in the bathroom sink to control my laughter. It looked like he was experiencing the worst constipation coupled with severe Thai food spicy 3 diarrhea. When he finished, I returned to the crowd cheering and him appearing humble. It was an anomaly, and something about it seemed so planned and rehearsed.

  2. Byebruce says:

    Ummmm. You stole the best one. It don’t get better than burrito Bruce. What a clown.

  3. Brucesux says:

    How about when Bruce would bring receipts from the car wash for reimbursement. As if making 185K a year, plus a housing allowance, free car AND a car allowance weren’t enough. Speaking of, anybody know why he received a car allowance and a university-provided vehicle? Seems redundant.

  4. SNAFU says:

    My favorite memory was hearing that he was FINALLY fired! All my other memories are bad bad bad. Nightmarish, in fact. Here’s to a new beginning at Southern!

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