Globe Editors. Hypocrites.

[Watch note: Showing that there is a process to this site, we have edited this post. The original called out Globe editor Carol Stark personally and kind of showed what the paragraph in The Globe’s editorial today was talking about. We regret that writer’s judgment. The editorial was not bearing a byline. So although we still feel the paper as a whole is taking a hypocritical stance, it is unfair to single out one person. We apologize to Stark personally, but still don’t care for the paper she heads.]


We will slink away when we are good and ready.

We will also remain anonymous beyond the explanations and descriptions we have offered. We have seen what happens to those who voice a dissenting voice. Gilbert. Oakes. Hanrahan. Surber. Fogerty. Agee. So fuck off. Because we never pretended to be a mainstream media and news outlet. You have pretended to be, though.

Of course we want MSSU to thrive and grow with a revitalized Joplin and its surrounding communities. We criticize things like hiring an embezzler to teach accounting, treating faculty and the community with disrespect, fun raising ineptitude and other things that The Joplin Globe has long ignored.

For the better part of the last five years, The Joplin Globe has ignored growing turmoil on campus and left only the former incarnation of The Chart and The Turner Report to ask questions and hold Speck accountable. Turner and former Chart editors Alexandra Nicolas (who now works for you) and Brennan Stebbins called bullshit alone with us over here just providing a perspective.

And if you had been paying attention in school, you would know that anonymous journalism has sometimes had great impact. Deep Throat asked for anonymity for a reason. True, the reporters published under their names. So let’s go back to a seminal American moment. How about The Federalist Papers?

It is comical that a couple of stories by Emily Younker suddenly make you the watchdog and the cheerleader all at once. And it is hypocritical to criticize those who criticize when you sent Greg Grisolano into the wilderness for requesting documents from the Speck administration during his famous “media blackout” period.

You people are a joke.

And there is one solution to the problem of our suggested cowardice. Don’t read us. We dare you. But we get page views and we ask questions. And when things are looking up at the corner of Newman and Duquesne, we will go away.

So ignore us or fuck off. We don’t really care. But don’t close your eyes to the bullshit of the last five years and then act like you have any credibility.


7 Responses to Globe Editors. Hypocrites.

  1. CaffeineKatie says:

    So the Globe just announced Speck’s severance package. Someone needs to tell them reporting is more than just printing press releases. No wonder they are so snarky when they get shown up by a bunch of amateurs; keep it up, SouthernWatch!

  2. C Tupr says:

    The Joplin Globe has a valid point about communication, and there is even some validity in the undisguised slam toward Southern Watch. Yes, anonymity is a type of communication breakdown. The even larger breakdown, however, was the complete absence of the Joplin Globe.
    The Globe is supposed to be a news reporting organization, one that reports both sides. During Dr. Speck’s time at MSSU the Globe never challenged the administration and never gave any true reporting of the problems experienced and cited by faculty and staff.
    Anonymity was the result of the Globe’s absence and ended up being the necessary escape for faculty and staff and was instrumental in (finally) exposing Dr. Speck for the inept leader that he is.

    • Harold says:

      During Dr. Speck’s time at MSSU the Globe never challenged the administration and never gave any true reporting of the problems experienced and cited by faculty and staff.

      Only true after new publisher Michael Beatty came on board in 2010 and e.g. asked Speck what the Globe could do for him. That’s when Greg Grisolano was exiled to the Newton/McDonald County beat.

  3. Mule says:

    Keep up the good work. The Globe is a joke filled with hacks. Too bad you folks don’t investigate the mess that is the Joplin Museum Complex.

  4. Byebruce says:

    Globe you are a joke. Glad I canceled you and I hope many follow suit. You need to go the way of Speck. You sale out rag.

  5. Worn Slick says:

    Don’t be so harsh on the Joplin Globe, they don’t even claim to be journalists. If you Wikipedia their parent company, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., you will see that they are in the advertising sales business. They do not claim to be a steward of the community, but the will sell obituaries or ad space.

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