This post is brought to you by the letters F, O, I, and A

maxwell_foiaAfter the dismissal of the Rich Tenor Voice, the question remains: What was the thing that did it?

Was it the international mission statute fiasco? Was it finances and fund raising? Was it a culmination of all the problems over the last five years?

No one seems to want to talk about it. So we hope The Joplin Globe, or God willing, The Chart, start asking some questions about the what next. And the media should start asking for emails from all President’s Council members for the last couple of months. Board members, too.

In addition, they should start looking at all contracts of the President’s Council. A source told The Watch a while back that the Marble deal wasn’t all kosher. Before we could get more, the Globe showed that the Foundation board never agreed to subsidize his salary. The Globe is doing decent work right now.

But the deafening silence in  the press release, the sequestering of Speck and the university’s hoping things go away begs for some digging.


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