Bruce Speck’s Greatest Hits #4: This guy invented ‘kingdom building’

We are going by memory, as it is 1 a.m., but we seem to recall when the President’s Council had more people without terminal degrees than those who did.

Bruce Speck promoted people up the ladder to engender their loyalty. By promoting them to VP positions without the best credentials, they became beholding to him.

One of the first was Rob Yust. Yust had been a loyal soldier in the accounting trickery of “depreciation” in Speck’s early term. When Terri Agee couldn’t take being on the team anymore, Yust got the call from the bullpen. Yust is a VP running the U’s finances. He has a master’s degree and likely couldn’t get an academic job in the SOBA.

Then came Darren Fullerton. Fullerton at one time was like a pool boy or something at Young Gymnasium. All of a sudden he is a newly minted VP with a six-figure salary. Fullerton was elevated to a post that used to exist when Dr. Glenn Dolence was on campus. Again, Fullerton did not have a terminal degree.

Another move was the elevation of AD Jared Bruggeman to the President’s Council. Bruggeman was now on par with all the VPS.

JoAnn Graffam does not have a doctorate.

It worked for a while.

In theory, all of these people are indebted to Speck for being promoted above their apparent qualifications. Word is that their evaluations of Speck that were submitted to the Bored of the Governors were not positive. It appears that even they realize what others have come to see. Working for  this asshole isn’t worth it.


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