Bruce Speck’s Greatest Hits #1: Have fun in lovely Phnom Penh

Bruce begins his new job in Cambodia.

Bruce begins his new job in Cambodia.

So it wasn’t his worst transgression. It was the funniest public moment, though.

The funniest private moment was when he asked reporters interviewing him about EEO language protecting LGBT persons if we should have one for “midgets” too.

In an interview with a local television station in 2009, Speck looked into the camera and said the overwhelming faculty vote of no confidence in him meant nothing. He told viewers that instead of being the president of a public university answerable to taxpayers, constituents, the Board of Governors and the Missouri General Assembly, that he is like a CEO of a private enterprise. And no CEO would put up with — and this is his word — uppity shit.

He famously said in all seriousness into a live camera and a hot mic:

“What would happen is the CEO would say ‘you’re gone, you’re gone, you’re reassigned, you, you’re going to Cambodia,” Speck said. “That’s how it would operate because it wouldn’t be tolerated.”

And as we’ve said many times, he can’t help himself. He went on to attack faculty tenure. This is a passage from an Oct. 7, 2009 Chart editorial:

The President even attacked the idea of tenure during his interview, saying it leads to “outspokenness” and can “strain collegiality.” He added that a faculty senate can bully, operates according to its own rules and is not accountable to anyone.

How’s this for outspokenness and collegiality?

We hope that the Board today announces you are going to we don’t give a fuck just go and summarily severs your ties to this “bachelorette” institution.


5 Responses to Bruce Speck’s Greatest Hits #1: Have fun in lovely Phnom Penh

  1. Watching says:

    Word is there will be an announcement at 5:30. Lets hope it is a goodbye to Speck.

  2. Pitt State Fan says:

    Too bad, us Pitt State fans were starting to like this guy. Keeping Joplin Juco just that, Joplin Juco. Noticed the misspelled sign on Rangeline disappeared the other day. Spellcheck made its way to MSSU, finally. Go’rillas!

  3. CaffeineKatie says:

    Woohoo go check yer email–MSSU and Speck have ended their relationship. Wonder how much $$$ he’s taking with him?

  4. hfogerty says:

    Yeah, FACULTY were the bullies. Sure we were…

  5. one of the downtrodden says:

    There will be a lot of stuff coming to light now. I think it will be painfully obvious where the bullies reside. And yes – there are more than one.

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