Bruce Speck’s Greatest Hits #9: RTV tells Catholics to cath-o-lick his balls.

kramerarrestedIn March 2009, Bruce Speck announced he would appear as Jacob in a Joplin-Area Catholic Schools production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Then, on the day before the performance, he fucked ’em over.

And he didn’t even do it himself. He had his secretary, Sharon Odem, call to cancel.

And he kept a full calendar the day of the performance. In a response to Faculty Senate charges leading up to the vote of no confidence, Speck said that being able to function and speak and being able to perform songs on stage are different things. We are willing to give him that one. But he handled it badly.

  • He had his secretary call instead of manning up and doing it himself.
  • When a member of his faculty involved in the play wrote a letter to Speck and the Bored, he retaliated in a sarcastic, patronizing and immature manner.

We will get into fundraising in a minute, but Catholics — like all private, religious schools — are generous with their support of education. And Speck fucked ’em over.

And we guarantee no one is saying an Ave for Speck’s career.


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