Bruce Speck’s Greatest Hits #8: Giving Jim ‘The Gilbert’

Early in Bruce Speck’s career, he was charged by the Bored (Read Dwight Douglas) with cutting the budget at all costs.

Speck, who has maintained despite all evidence to the contrary that he is student-first, began to cut student financial aid. He eliminated the practice of “stacking” scholarships and made students pick one or the other.

Listen. No student should get PAID to go to school. And some students were getting rebates because they had multiple scholarships that amounted to more than their tuition and fees. That is bullshit. We are with Speck here.

But Speck was proposing eliminating stacking full-stop. Jim Gilbert, the director of financial aid, opposed the action. He maintained that it hurt current students and made Southern less competitive to potential students.

God, Jim, you sound like a dick. So we won’t fire you because you actually have tenured faculty rank (something we used to give to good, loyal people). We are going to send you to the history department and give you an office that used to be a coffee office or some shit.

Gilbert, who remains a faculty hero to this day, waited until right before the semester started and retired.


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