Bruce Speck’s Greatest hits #10: The Great Communicator



Remember “Occasional Thoughts” and “Listening Meetings?”

The fact that these ever happens shows what a tool Bruce Speck has been in communicating to the campus community. Though Cassie Mathes wasn’t around for these, she would have told RTV that a regular item called “Occasional Thoughts” was ready-made for satire.

From “Occasional Thoughts #1:”

“Non-teaching employees might easily take the position that kingdom building is essential for political stability, and, elsewhere, I have had to deal with employees who conducted themselves as autonomous (dreadful word) agents, resenting any “interference” in the building of their kingdom. People of that ilk have trouble learning how to be productive members of the corporate body, and, I’m afraid to say, often cannot survive in an environment where the good of the university is the goal.”

Yeah. You just described your career, asshole.

And how about those famous “listening meetings” he scheduled when the Bored of the Governors nearly axed him but instead insisted he improve communication with faculty?

Remember that bullshit? People would come to listen, but no one opened up for fear of retaliation. Instead of better shared governance (or any at all, for that matter) or better “collegiality” with the Faculty Senate, the campus got an hour of bullshit. And not long after, Speck went into a media blackout (more on that one later).

This guy has operated from a position of secrecy and paranoia from day one. Remember when he was announced as president and all questions had to be submitted in writing and in advance?

Speck simply does not have communication skills.


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