We have an international mission. And we are going to keep it.

Stella! Stella!

Stella! Stella!

As we wait for Sherry Baby to tell us Bruce is going bye bye, we wanted to let Watch readers know some fun facts.

Today, we have had our usual domestic visitors. But — and this is not unusual, though the places vary — we got some neat international traffic.

We had clicks from Great Britain. God save the queen. Even if queens don’t get EEO protection from Bruce.

We had visitors from Italy. Leave Bruce. Bring the cannoli.

We had visitors from Belgium. How late is Waffle House open?

We have an international flavor here. And in celebration, we plan to toast Bruce being toast with beers from all these countries.

US: Pabst Blue Ribbon.
It’s red, white and blue. It’s cheap. And it sucks. Seems appropriate.

The United Kingdom: Bass Ale.  We like the fact “ass” is in the name. Reminds us of RTV and how we want him to get his out of town ASAP.

Belgium: Orval. This shit will fuck you up fast. Kind of like Bruce did to Southern. (Runner up: Stella Artois)

The one country we see on our visitor stats that we can’t drink to — swear to God, we got hits from here — North Korea.

We assume that’s where Bruce has been the last two weeks.


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