Coming soon…

People watch this shit?

People watch this shit?

We are busy watching the US Open/House Hunters/Hardcore Pawn/Ancient Aliens and everything else that Saturday with expanded cable has to offer.

But later tonight, when the kids are in bed and Bruce is explaining to Carmen, “We have to move again, Honey,” we will begin a series of posts counting down to Monday with the theme “RTV’s Greatest Hits.” We will look at all the fun things he has done to plant Missouri Southern in a ditch.

It is going to be fun stroll down not so fun memory lane. We promise snark and sarcasm to make it like “thank God it’s over black humor.”

Now if you’ll excuse us, Dog the Bounty Hunter is really heating up.


3 Responses to Coming soon…

  1. Pippa says:

    The Great Britain hits are obvious -a contingent of MSSU people are there right now. But North Korea? That is interesting. Wonder if they have a stake in this. LOL.
    I, for one, do not feel badly that Bruce baby is going to be history. As for Alan Marble, I cannot believe he would leave Crowder on a whim. Surely he was hired by the Board. Interesting that Bruce would leave about the same time. Sounds pretty much handwriting on the wall for him.
    But lets talk about the damage done to MSSU in recent years. Not only to the foundation, but also to the faculty and staff morale. A great many good people are gone; a good many still there are sycophants who need to be fired, if nothing else, than the fact they are not qualified for their jobs. A few could be put into positions they are qualified for, and kept out of the way. But many need to leave. Missouri Southern needs new blood. And it wouldn’t hurt to hire back a few. (I’m not interested.) I imagine most will thumb their noses, but with the right incentives, a few good people will return if asked.
    MSSU needs to reinvent itself again, with a new look and a new attitude. it needs to take a hard look at what it is, and where it fits in the higher education schema of SW Missouri, and go after its core audience again. It needs to stop trying to be one of the big boys and go back to its core mission, which is offering local students a quality education close to home, and including a nice proportion of people across the world as well – because a school with a smaller student body than a big state university does something wonderful for people who need nurturing and education. It also does something valuable for the region it is in, because these people, many of them, stay here. And those educated citizens become the major players in business, education and life in general for the area. Once that is in place again, Missouri Southern can try to add some fun things to its repertoire – like a medical school. But I believe, as a tax payer and an alumnus and a former professor there, that MSSU should strive to be the best it can be right here.

  2. CaffeineKatie says:

    Watch Hoarders, too. MSSU is going to need instructions on shoveling out shit, now that hopefully enough is enough.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    You are so right, Pippa. MSSU has a chance at a new beginning. I am so hopeful that Southern can get a new start and strive for excellence and service with a common vision and direction for academic excellence. Southern has been rudderless for far too long.

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