Younker keeps RTV in play

A new story by The Joplin Globe’s Emily Younker provides some interesting tidbits.

Dr. Alan Marble, special babysitter to the assclown, will make $125,000 annually. This will be partially funded by the Missouri Southern Foundation, which can’t raise shit while Speck is in the president’s chair.

Here is what the Globe said:

According to employment documents, the position’s duties include:

• Performing a variety of special assignments designated by the president.

• Serving as liaison to community colleges and other constituencies.

• Performing fundraising tasks.

• Supporting the president on institutional matters, such as project planning, strategic initiatives and communications.

In other words, Bruce’s fucking job. We. Told. You. So.


One Response to Younker keeps RTV in play

  1. Unleashed and Uncouth says:

    Whenever a public figure disappears from site like this, they often surface in Rehab. Perhaps Sherry has RTV in a rubber room somewhere for extended observation and evaluation? Or maybe they plan to use alcohol and drug use to explain his behavior…

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