Thanks, gang.

Today, SouthernWatch had a record number of visits and page views.

Since we began years ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, we have had lots of laughs and cries and other shit. We have sought to inform, postulate and, most of all, entertain.

Admit it, we are and have been a guilty pleasure. A release. A little cathartic fun. That is why we are snarky and naughty. And we will be here until it is over.

God bless Missouri Southern. And god save her, too.


3 Responses to Thanks, gang.

  1. Bufford C. Foofram says:

    And God save you too, SouthernWatch. I have been following your blog at a distance of 76.1 miles for some time now, and I am very happy to see the positively promising new trends going on out your way. I appreciate very much your fighting the good fight.

  2. SNAFU says:

    I’l;l; second that. Can’t wait for the final confirmation and your wrap-up on THE WORST CHAPTER IN SOUTHERN’S HISTORY thanks to Dwight Douglas and Bruce Speck and the litany of failed leadership, bone-headed decision-making, and inability to retain any form of leadership talent in the entire administration. Let’s hope Marble can guide us through a COMPETENT NATIONAL SEARCH for someone who can truly lead MSSU out of the mess left behind and rebuild the trust and respect that have been destroyed by the Speck administration.

  3. Countdown Clock says:

    Countdown clock would still be cool.
    Story in today’s paper reports everyone is being quiet on campus. No news = good news? I prefer not to assume or speculate, but how can one not try to read between the lines on this situation and try to forecast what happens next? I know this much, I’ve never heard of an Information Fort Knox, but MSSU has proven it can seal all the leaks on this issue.

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