Why Bruce Speck should be fired — Adventures in babysitting

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.46.11 PMThe fifth in a series making the case for RTV’s dismissal with the hope Dr. Sherry “International Advisory Board” Buchanan finds her ass with both hands, a roadmap and a miner’s helmet.

If we were king of the jungle, we would ask some fucking questions.

Missouri Southern hires Dr. Alan Marble away from Crowder College to be Bruce’s assistant. Does that make sense? First of all, it is an absolutely new administrative position, increasing the bloat Speck has created on that side of the campus community. Second, is it a pay boost for Marble? If not, it sure doesn’t help his retirement stuff. Marble made a base salary of $132,782 in FY 2011 and an estimated base salary of $145,673 for FY 2012, according to the Missouri Department of Higher Education Presidents/Chancellors Compensation Survey.

Crowder was experiencing increased enrollment and Marble appeared to be well-liked on campus and in the community. So why would he leave to carry water for an embattled president at a school with declining enrollment and fund raising challenges? If it was money, then MSSU just created a $150k job out of thin air when faculty and staff have been suffering for five or more years. And they created it to help Bruce. Bruce can’t do his fucking job.

Marble has been hired to be a face and a voice that doesn’t send people running for the hills. He has been brought in to try and increase enrollment and fund raising. Because Bruce can’t.

He’s been brought in to smooth things out with the community. Notice that during the no-confidence vote, the townies were all behind Bruce and vilified the gownies. Where are they now? Even Globe Publisher Michael Beatty, who Brennan Stebbins and The Chart proved was a Speck apologist, set his reporters loose recently. Marble is here to give people optimism and hope. Because Bruce can’t.

He’s likely being paid a president’s salary to do a president’s job because a president can’t do it himself. Yeah, if we were king of the jungle (or The Chart 2008-2011) we would request a copy of Marble’s contract. And ask some questions. Like “Why do we need this new position at this cost?”

If the answer is because the president needs help, then they’ve made our point.


8 Responses to Why Bruce Speck should be fired — Adventures in babysitting

  1. The Reign ends Today says:

    URGENT, check into this, word on campus today was that Speck was going to each office saying good bye to staff. Come on SW, this could be your finest hour.

  2. Byebruce says:

    Curly sums it up best. A heartfelt goodbye to you….you freakin loser

  3. Watching says:

    Word is that Dr. Groesbeck will be Specks replacement. So we go from one crazy guy to another crazy guy.

  4. SNAFU says:

    They better put Marble in as interim and then conduct a COMPETENT national search, unlike the joke of a search that Dwight Douglas (Little Napoleon) conducted that gave MSSU Speck. Dwight Douglas is the root cause of the entire tenure of Speck and he deserves derision and ridicule for his massive ego and tiny intellect.

  5. Someone Else says:

    Congrats on getting Dr. Marble. You are welcome to him.

  6. Watching AND Anxiously Waiting says:

    If the “saying goodbye to the staff” remark above was true, then word would be all over campus. No talk is getting out.
    Whatever is going on is not leaking at all.

    I don’t think Groesbeck is in line for the job. His focus is not campus-wide but tiny School of Business only. My impression is that the board was impressed by his enthusiasm but not sure of his ultimate plan.

  7. Minne Mouse. says:

    FWIW the School of Business at MSSU is far from tiny. Just check any graduation program and count the number of graduates from the different schools at MSSU.

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