Is Younker the new Assolano?

dimaggio08_1_41 copyThe Joplin Globe actually initiated an open-records request?

Was Beatty out of town?

The story in The Globe by Emily Younker did have a few interesting revelations. One of our favs was this:

But a Dec. 3 email from Pat Lipira, vice president for academic affairs, to the president of Missouri Western State University suggests that top administrators had already thought about pursuing the change by the time of the senator’s visit. In the email, she asks Missouri Western’s president about testimony he gave to legislators last fall about a proposed funding formula for higher education.

“You mentioned in your testimony that we are one of (several) schools who have mission emphasis areas still bound by statute,” Lipira wrote. “Do you know why that is or where it is written? We would like to change or eliminate our emphasis area and (are) not sure how to proceed.”

Really? We were under the impression that this was initiated by the legislator. We were under the impression that Lipira was not an active participant in the effort.

Younker keeps giving:

Buchanan said in a telephone interview last week that she personally knew as early as last fall that a statutory change was “an option,” after having talked about it informally with Speck and Lipira.

Really? So the Bored did know? Speck could argue that he did run it by the Bored. Or at least by its chairperson. Why didn’t Buchanan shoot it down last fall? Why did she and the Bored act out of the loop only when the shit hit the fan? Why didn’t Lipira run it by the Faculty Senate to test reactions? In our mind, Lipira looks very complicit in the sneakiness.

And we have said all along that Speck intended to kill the international mission and turn Southern into a health sciences campus. Which might have merit. But do it above board. But they denied that goal. Until Younker got Lipira drunk or stupid:

“We knew that there’s a chance for a medical school or dental school, and if that was the case, we would want to emphasize those areas, and could we still do that if there was (the international mission in) statute?” Lipira said.

It is bad manners and poor sportsmanship to tell readers “We told you so.” But fuck it. We have never been Emily Post.

We told you so. For years.


3 Responses to Is Younker the new Assolano?

  1. Countdown Clock says:

    May I suggest a countdown clock be added to the Southern Watch board, a countdown that ends at 2 p.m. on June 20 when Speck is officially released from his contract? I’m sure those are the terms the board will use. Another blog in town is reporting that it is official, Speck is done.

  2. Iambruce says:

    Sound like more people were involved than just Bruce. Our collective heart breaks

  3. SNAFU says:

    It is truly saddening that Lipira was apparently complicit in the attempt to destroy the international component of MSSU’s mission. She was well-liked by faculty per the annual faculty survey, particularly when compared to her predecessor. But if the faculty knew about this before the survey, the results would have been vastly different. It appears that even good people can go bad when they are exposed to the corrupt administration of Bruce Speck. That has to be one of the reasons that Marble was brought in. MSSU has such a leadership vacuum that there is no one on the President’s Council (or on campus for that matter) who could be a credible interim president. Save us Obi-Wan Marble!

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