I am a doctor, and I am clueless

I think we should create what we already have. Like a new Board?

I think we should create what we already have. Like a new Board?

Meet Sherry Buchanan, Ph.D.

And an idiot. At least when it comes to Missouri Southern State University. Which is kind of, like, you know, problefuckingmatic, since she chairs the clown car known as the Bored of the Governors.

Emily “Assoyounker” Younker’s story in The Joplin Globe (Really. Beatty has to be on vacation) gives us this from Sherry Baby:

Administrators have said any future action on the issue would be preceded by campus discussions of some kind. Buchanan said she envisions creating an “international mission advisory group” as a starting point.

“I don’t think that a plan has really been developed,” she said. “I don’t know at this point what priority this will have for the fall agenda.”

Hey. Dr. Dunce. Check out this shit:


From this link, in case you don’t have the internet or a phone smarter than you:

The International Mission Advisory Board (or IMAB) was established in May 2010 to assist in “the care and feeding” of MSSU’s international mission. Richard Walter, a member of the MSSU Board of Governors, was asked to serve as the board’s chair, and he graciously agreed to give even more of his time to the university.

You remember Richard Walter? Old guy. Sat at the same fucking table as you for a while?

Speck is smarter than you are. He’s a bigger asshole. But he knows shit. Can’t process it. But he knows it.

Here’s a dollar. Buy a clue.




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