Why Bruce Speck should be fired — Being DUMB about KCUMB

audit-examThe fourth in a series making the case for RTV’s dismissal with the hope Dr. Sherry Buchanan finds her ass with both hands, a roadmap and a miner’s helmet.

Once, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were an expansion team that couldn’t piss downward, the press asked Bucs Head Coach John McKay how he felt about his team’s execution.

“I’m in favor of it,” he said.

We have often said that RTV could fuck up a three-car funeral.

We stand by that. And nothing is a better example of his ineptitude than the stillborn effort to bring a medical school to Joplin and MSSU in 2009-2010.

Let’s be clear about this. The Watch has nothing against community leaders or Speck for proposing a satellite medical school in conjunction with Southern. It is a growth industry with good employment numbers for graduates. And it is an area of need in Southwest Missouri. So this isn’t us being negative nimrods just because it is Speck’s idea. We aren’t Republican members of Congress, after all.

The problem was with the execution of the idea.

Here is the Cliff’s Notes version as a reminder:

A local D.O. floats the idea at a Bored of the Governors meeting right around the time Brucie and Mighty Dwight were doing their “depreciation accounting” to discredit Julio Leon. (More on this later)

Speck begins working with KCUMB President Karen Pletz on such a project. Pletz visits Joplin and MSSU. She is impressive and charismatic. The problem is Pletz is having difficulties at KCUMB that would later lead to her firing. She is also keeping her Board in the dark on the MSSU partnership. Neither Speck nor the MSSU Bored check with the KCUMB board.

Pletz is fired and sued by KCUMB. The partnership goes to shit. Speck lies to his Bored. Speck withholds public records from The Chart. MSSU looks like a clown show.

This could have been avoided if Bumbling Bruce had done a few things differently:

  • Told his Board of Governors everything and had his Board in touch with the KCUMB Board.
  • Made sure that Pletz and the KCUMB Board were on the same page.
  • Under promised and over delivered. This is PR 101. Instead, he kept insisting this was a done deal, even after Pletz’s world collapsed around her. In reality, it was falling apart and shit like that gets out when Brennan Stebbins has a pulse.
  • Had an inked deal before he started trying to raise money. This could have been his greatest fund raising and PR coup, but instead it made people reluctant to give money until Speck could show that he could deliver. Which he can’t.
  • Figured out the location and vetted it before announcing it. This led to the “remnant prairie” controversy.

The problem here (and in so many other Speck fiascoes) was a “Ready. Fire. Aim.” mentality. Instead of planning and acting, the administration often has just acted. Every other school is playing chess. Speck is playing checkers.


4 Responses to Why Bruce Speck should be fired — Being DUMB about KCUMB

  1. Pippa says:

    Fact: He wasn’t able to deliver because he didn’t know how. He is extremely unfitted for the job.

  2. Concerned says:

    Maybe it’s time to assess faculty and staff confidence with the Board of Governors.

  3. All Hail the King is Dead says:

    Quick, go read Globe story posted tonight. Something is going down. Speck is AWOL for several weeks before his evaluation? Perhaps he got wise real quick and took the off ramp before the board of G’s showed him the door. Either way, I predict he’s done. And what better time, during the summer when the media attention is often diverted from education matters.

  4. gmc says:

    I like the tone of this post, better than some previous posts. The facts are on our side. The writing, though extremely clever, looses power when it is snarky.

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