Why Bruce Speck should be fired — His pants are on fire

The third in a series making the case for RTV’s dismissal with the hope Dr. Sherry Buchanan finds her ass with both hands, a roadmap and a miner’s helmet.

imagesBruce Speck cannot be trusted to tell the truth. And he certainly isn’t transparent.

From obfuscating facts, denying media access to the student newspaper, avoiding full compliance with open records laws and declaring war on his own faculty, RTV just doesn’t shoot straight with anyone.

But don’t take our word for it. Though The Chart is a pack of boot-licking pussies these days, that wasn’t always the case. In evidence that nothing on the internet can be completely erased, we link here to probably the gutsiest, hardest hitting opinion piece ever to appear in The Chart. In this April 24, 2011 column, then-editor Brennan Stebbins pulls no punches. He outright calls Speck a liar.

He quotes Speck’s address to the Board of Governors:

“We have tried to be very transparent in our communication with the Board, with all of our constituencies. No one can make the accusation and back it up that we have held back information. That has not happened.”

Stebbins then goes on to make that very accusation and back it up.

He cites Speck’s restrictive media access policy and repeated communications from lawyers at the Student Press Law Center to show a less than transparent and communicative administration.

He relates how Speck withheld an email from KCUMB President Danny Weaver from a Chart open records request (possibly in violation of the law). An email that plainly shows that Speck was not completely forthcoming with his own bosses — the MSSU Board of Governors.

Stebbins talks about a Richard Nixon-like paranoia that led to a meeting with Speck:

“I contacted Speck’s office for a meeting last spring —not an interview—to discuss the media policy with the President and his refusal to accept interviews.

He granted my request, on the condition that I not take any notes, I not record any of the discussion and I never repeat anything that was said. I agreed, and while I can’t divulge what was said, I can say that the end result was Speck continuing to deny interview requests.”

This is a man who at best can’t be completely trusted. And at worst is a fucking liar.



2 Responses to Why Bruce Speck should be fired — His pants are on fire

  1. Iambruce says:

    They got little hands
    Little eyes
    They walk around
    Tellin’ great big lies
    They got little noses
    And tiny little teeth
    They wear platform shoes
    On their nasty little feet

    Well, I don’t want no short people
    Don’t want no short people
    Don’t want no short people
    `Round here

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