Why should Bruce Speck be fired?

The first in a series making the case for RTV’s dismissal with the hope Dr. Sherry Buchanan finds her ass with both hands, a roadmap and a miner’s helmet.

baseballHe couldn’t raise dough in a yeast factory.

This guy is the anti-rain-maker.  People DON’T give because of him. We have mentioned it before, but it begs repeating. The Missouri Southern Foundation netted $168,779 last year. The foundation netted less than The Fedora’d One earned for the year.

Way to go, greasy.

We had our doubts about Jo Jo A Go Go as the VP for Advancement and director of the foundation. And we thought hiring Elisa Bryant as a major gifts officer was a stretch. But we are willing to be proven wrong. Yet no one seems willing to prove us wrong.

Look at the photo here. There is no red mercury in the thermometer of money. And yet they have been working on this for two years, at least. Signs and thermometers and bluster are fine. But back them up. Bruce hasn’t. And Jo Jo and Elisa and those who came before can tell you Bruce makes it tough to raise the cash.



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