Why Bruce Speck should be fired — Not the Hot Shot Part Deux

[CORRECTION: We have been advised that SEMO is not a MIAA conference school. We have kept it on the list, however, because it is a regional undergraduate school in a similar geographic area. We should read the sports page more often.]

The second in a series making the case for RTV’s dismissal with the hope Dr. Sherry Buchanan finds her ass with both hands, a roadmap and a miner’s helmet.

bruceHe of the Rich Tenor Voice doesn’t always use it effectively.

This week, the Associated Press reported that Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee (whose bow tie is quite fedora-like) said some stupid shit in a December meeting with school officials and boosters. He implied southern schools are illiterate, called Louisville and the University of Kentucky stupid, and then proceeded to offend Notre Dame and Catholics (sound familiar, you dreamcoats?)

So Missouri Southern isn’t alone in having a loose-tongued asshole at the controls. The difference is money. We know. We covered that reason for a call to the bullpen yesterday. But RTV’s penchant for verbal vomit is one of the causes for the MSSU Foundation not being able to net even the idiot’s annual salary. Gee is a gaffe machine, but he also makes money. Ohio State’s foundation netted more than $37 million in fiscal year 2011.

That comparison really isn’t fair. OSU is a major Big Ten research university and MSSU is a small regional undergraduate university. But would Gee be able to get away with that shit here? No. He can say that you “can’t trust Catholics on Thursday or Friday” all the time because he fills the Buckeyes’ collection plates.

Speck doesn’t. And he doesn’t because he has vocal cords. If Speck was raising money — notice we ain’t hitting Jo Jo and the Foundation here — he would be on solid ground. And make no mistake, a president is primarily a fund raiser. Faculty develop curriculum. Staff mow the lawns and keep the place running. All a president has to do is make final decisions, keep the university on the road and out of the ditch and be the public face of the institution. Face it. Our face is a clown face.

So let’s see some comparables with the money — which flows elsewhere because “the prez” isn’t a colossal clusterfuck — and  see the difference. Here is the foundations’ net income from IRS 990s according to the most recent filings available from propublica.org. We are looking at MIAA conference schools that are similar to Southern and are regional undergraduate institutions.

  • Southeast Missouri State University    $3.8m   (FY11)
  • Missouri Western State University       $4.6m (FY12)
  • Northwest Missouri State University   $853,000 (FY12)
  • University of Central Missouri               $740,000 (FY11)
  • Truman State University                         $3.5m (FY11)
  • Pittsburg State University                       $2.69m (FY11)

Enrollments are similar. Missions are basically the same — teaching over research. Athletics are similar — same conference. Different results. Why?

Because our presidunce has the gift of speech. We need a choir of our Bored of the Governors to finally sing Bruce the “Pink Slip Blues.”


6 Responses to Why Bruce Speck should be fired — Not the Hot Shot Part Deux

  1. Pippa says:

    Speck should be fired, but I want it to hurt. I want him to be left destitute, on the side of the road, with a sick spouse (no offense to Mrs. Speck here) and no income but a piddly early retirement check, and no prospects. I want him to be sick himself, from the stress of it all, and have to scramble to pay his mortgage, his bills, and worry about where his next meal will come from. I want him to feel demoralized, shamed, and publicly chastised. And I want him to suffer as much as he has made the faculty that he fired, unfairly, to suffer. No golden parachutes, no severance, and no place to go. Otherwise, it just isn’t fair. I also want the Board that hired him to have similar fates. Bitter? You betcha.

  2. Pitt State Fan says:

    If I may add an additional correction, your research indicates PSU foundation showed a profit of $2.69 million in FY2011. This does not count donations made to the university to fund current or completed projects such as the new Presidents house, the Weede Athletic Center Renovation, the new performing arts center and coming soon, the new indoor football practice/track and field facility.
    Additionally, MSSU athletics is funded by state tax dollars, where as Kansas tax dollars cannot be used to fund athletics. PSU athletics raise or generate every dollar to cover costs and expenses. This should also somehow be taken into consideration. KU athletics is its own separate entity, raises funds and generates dollars to continue to operate. Obviously, they also get a huge chunk of change from the Big 12 (http://www.kansascity.com/2013/05/31/4266214/big-12-announces-198-million-in.html) as did MU from the SEC (http://www.kansascity.com/2013/05/31/4266291/sec-to-distribute-record-2894.html). I do not wish to be critical of MSSU on this matter, but rather provide a complete picture on the numbers.

    • Thank you for that Pitt State Fan.
      It is a good point. We simply showed the net incomes from the official IRS foundations and beyond MSSU we do not concern ourselves with where it goes.
      PSU is very successful in its fundraising operations in all facets of university life — Fine arts, athletics, academics. And The Watch truly would like to see Southern have similar success.

  3. Harold says:

    This sounds devastating, and it probably is, but I have to wonder how much of it is due to people donating money to tornado relief instead.

  4. Pippa says:

    No, Harold. The people who give to MSSU do so on a regular basis. Much of it comes from faculty funds, even. Even on a bad year, I always gave $250 to the fund. I imagine it is pretty much that way across the board, so obviously the faculty quit giving. Or maybe they quit because they were no longer there, and the adjuncts they hired don’t give. ????? Another factor is, corporate donations make up a large chunk. If corporations are cutting donations because of the economy, it is possible they would cut MSSU out because of the bad publicity. Which better way to vote, than with your dollars? A small dip could result from tornado relief, but I imagine that the fundraising drop is mostly due to bad press.

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