Finally. It happened to you.

EndIsNear1Not to get ahead of ourselves here, but Bruce is about to go bye-bye.

This afternoon, in a closed session, the newly reconfigured (Read Dwight-proof) Bored of the Governors is likely to send Bruce to the land of Gilbert, the county of Surber in the burg of Hanrahan.

In other words, he is history.

This should happen one of two ways.

1. Bruce is fired outright. Southern makes Alan Marble interim president and eats RTV’s remaining salary since they would have paid him and Marble both by retaining him anyway. Cheers from the crowd and nods to the soldiers who fell on the way.

2. Bruce is told he will finish his contract but not be retained afterward. Bad move. He can do a lot of damage in that time. Fundraising is fucked. The Missouri Southern Foundation made a profit (net revenue) of just $168,700 and change for FY 12.

We think he is sent packing. The timing is perfect. Summer is here. There is no Chart. Not that Cassie Mathes’ poodle would cover this seriously, anyway. Faculty are gone. Spontaneous outbursts of joy and celebration will be held off campus.

We are an optimistic group here at The Watch. But we have been here before. Let’s wait and see.

And, if all the dominoes fall right, we promise you a final SouthernWatch post for the ages.


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