What a dickhead

Call me Bruce!

Call me Bruce!

Earlier, we took a shot at Michael Beatty of The Joplin Globe.

We stand by that for now. The Globe’s Emily Younker did follow up tonight with a story on the MSSU international mission story. Incredibly, it includes this passage:

Despite saying last week that he would not ask legislators to slow the bill’s movement through the legislative steps, Speck on Tuesday said he understood that call.

“We certainly agree with the fact that if we stop it now, we have more time on campus to discuss it,” he said. “I think there have been enough concerns about it that we need to take a step back and look at it, and I’m fine with it.”


“We certainly agree that I was exposed as a sneaky assclown and I am being forced to let the campus discuss it. There have been enough concerns that a person not possessing my assholeitude would have anticipated and have now come to light that I am forced to eat shit, step back realize I don’t rule the world.”

Beatty gets off the Watch schneid. For now. And we do find it interesting that virtually everything we called bullshit on was covered in the story. Credit to Younker.

Speck got caught with his pants down. Again. The difference here is that he tried to deceive or end-around his governing board and state legislators. That is a step up from screwing with faculty and staff.

Those people keep him in his job. And they don’t like being circumvented and they don’t like being made to look foolish. And Speck did that to them.

When will they jettison this dickhead?


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