The Asshat of the Day

Now that shit is getting real, here is a university press release.

Now that shit is getting real, here is a university press release.

Is Joplin Globe Publisher and Bruce Speck apologist Michael Beatty.

After two quality stories on the Missouri Southern international mission flap by Emily Younker, the news broke Sunday that the amendment to SB67 was dead. Killed by Sen. Ron Richard. Emily would be all over that shit, right?
Instead, we get this university press release on the matter.

We particularly love this slice of bullshit:

MSSU administrators said in a statement that they think the university needs time to study the issue.


Well here is what you said days ago.

When asked by the Globe after the meeting, Speck said slowing down the bill wasn’t likely to happen.

“I don’t have plans to do that,” he said.

OK.  Well, we guess now you do. With Richard’s bowling shoe up your Rich Tenor Ass.

Then there was this gem:

He also said that despite the designation, there is “not a pervasive attitude that MSSU is associated with an international emphasis,” and that many students statewide, as well as many in the local community, don’t automatically link MSSU with an international emphasis.

It is pervasive enough to turn around 180 degrees the university’s position in a matter of days.

So where is the story about this backdoor bullshit’s demise? Maybe Younker has been sent to McDonald County or grad school. Or maybe Beatty continues to kiss Speck’s ass even as it twists alone in the wind. Again unavailable for comment.


One Response to The Asshat of the Day

  1. Unleashed and Uncouth says:

    As a graduate of 1988, I really appreciate that you keep covering this story. From the perspective of a senior official elsewhere, there are a lot of good reasons to not have mission imperatives spelled out in state law. After all, such things tie your hands (and presidential ambitions). There is nothing wrong with changing law…save when you do it in secret and lie your ass off about it.

    Keep up the good work!

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