Ron the Kingpin taking you into Monday…

We need a strike, Ron

We need a strike, Ron

Ron Richard may be worth a fuck after all.

News around the internet is that Richard, the Missouri Senate majority leader, and a Missouri Southern alumnus, may put the brakes on an amendment to  remove the U’s international mission from state law.

Reports are that Bored of the Governors sent a message to a representative of the Southern Faculty Senate indicating that “Senator Richard has decided to pull the MSSU amendment to SB67 for further study of long-term ramifications.”

This is good news. It doesn’t exactly make Richard a profile in courage, but more a profile in political expediency. You see, this kicked up a shitstorm.

The rumor has always circulated that Mighty Dwight and Bruce Speck wanted to kill the international mission. But they couldn’t do it right away. First they had to get rid of some problems.

The Chart

Yeah, those fuckers got toothless in a hurry. This was a key move by RTV.

Faculty opposition

He believed if he could ride out the initial faculty vote of no confidence that he would be invincible. He and his supporters portrayed the faculty as entitled babies that cared more about themselves than students. Which was contraindicated by his…

Lack of loyalty: Promoting people ahead of their qualifications

How many VPs do not have terminal degrees? And don’t all of them owe their position to the patronage of Bruce Speck?

That nasty state law

Yeah. That was a big one. The international mission was written into the Missouri statutes.  Can’t change it unless we “fix” the law.

Years into The Fedora’d One’s presidency, people are finally starting to ask questions.  Better late to the party than not to come at all, gang.

When Richard took this action, he was sending a message: “You are making me look like shit. I need votes. Get your shit together.”

Good for him.

We have endured such unilateral, sneaky, nasty behavior for too long.

And we hope the Bored is starting to see the reckless and retaliatory nature of the U’s president. We hope that the Bored is seeing that he hides decisions from not only the campus, but also his bosses.

And, when they have had enough and let him hit the road, they should apologize to some folks. Like Gilbert, Corn, Oakes, Hanrahan, Fogerty and many more. And they should recognize that Roger Chelf wasn’t on a witch hunt, but trying to call bullshit on bullshit.

Sen. Richard, if you have the courage to call bullshit on your alma mater and fix this, you will be a hero for our time and not just a bowling joke.

The faculty have stepped up. Good employees and educators have been sacrificed. Students aren’t getting what they deserve. Everyone else has knocked down all the pins they could.

It’s up to you, now.

Beer frame, senator.


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