Miss Julio yet?

Just askin.


7 Responses to Miss Julio yet?

  1. Shrimp Boil says:

    With a winning record in football, nope.

    • Sam Claussen says:

      Is that what Southern is all about? Football? The International Mission, The International Piano Competition, the students, and faculty…that is what put Southern on the map!

  2. Pitt State Fan says:

    You can keep your international piano shows, mission statements and the like, fact remains, you’re still second to Pitt State in athletics (even with a state funded program), facilities (Hughes works well as a bird crap collector, not much else and Leggett and Platt is a indoor track facility disguised as a basketball arena, baseball is not even good enough to be ON campus), fundraising, academics, on and on.
    I find it sad that in the same week one would find a tremendous amount of pride that a Southern alum is about to be drafted rather high in the NFL draft, that the story grabbing headlines is the antics of your president. Stay classy Joplin Juco.

  3. Fact Finder says:

    Not that anyone really cares PS Fan, but it seems that since the formation of the Sonic Trophy Series, MSSU seems to better than PSU when you consider all sports.


  4. We don’t like to here.
    But we kinda gotta accept one PSU Fan point.
    Brandon Williams is a great story and RTV fucking pisses all over it by screwing up.
    PR 101. When you have a good story to present, don’t do anything stupid.
    Bruce went with stupid.

  5. Pitt State Fan says:

    Thank you for supporting my point, when it comes to the athletics, Southern is “content” at being better than PSU in the Tater Tot Trophy. Please, by all means, keep the trophy and 50 cent corn dogs for all Southern students.
    In the meantime, Pitt State will be content competing for MIAA titles and national championships.
    20 years and counting. Stay strong Missouri-Louisiana Southern.

  6. Pitt State Fan says:

    Hey Fact Finder, now that the school year is wrapping up, can you post updated standings on the Tater Tot Trophy?

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