Do they teach public relations here, Part Shit, we lost track

Bruce W. Speck

Bruce W. Speck

It is so simple.

You have a PR person. Pick up the phone and call Cassie Mathes.

RTV: “Cassie, we are thinking of asking the legislature to remove the international mission language from state law. We are going to ask a guy from Warrensburg to help and we are going to attach it late in the session to another, widely supported higher ed bill. No one should notice until school’s out and it is too late.”

CM (An MSSU communications graduate): “Oh fuck.”

Cassie would have told His Doucheship that his idea would not be debated on the merits but the method. And it seems she would have been spot-on.

We bet she never knew about it until she had to clean the stables of the mess he left.

If the statute limits flexibility in developing university programs, make that argument. Seek campus and alumni and community input. Present evidence to support your position. At least fucking tell your governing board.

That’s how participatory fucking democracy works. JoAnna Derfelt can explain it to you. (She works here)

People won’t like it, perhaps. But through their inclusion, you have been transparent and shown leadership. Instead, you tried to slip one by Lion Nation like a 50-year-old knuckleballer on a windy day. Too bad a lobbyist (we guess for higher education and not named Iman the Terrible (lobbyist)) actually read the thing.

Now, you aren’t just seen by some as wrong on an issue. You are seen by ALL as sneaky.

And then you had the gall to say you had no intention of stepping back or slowing it down. Thing is, you don’t have a vote (call JoAnna back, she can draw you a picture) But Ron Richard does.

And Ron Richard (he’s the Senate majority leader of the state’s upper chamber. JoAnna should be on speed dial by now) started getting calls. Emails. Tweets from hell. #WTF (That’s a hashtag. Ask a student in the atrium of waste).

So Sen. Richard thought WTF, himself. “I know there hasn’t been a Jasper County Democrat since Reconstruction, but this is how sonsofbitches get primaried.”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

That’s your state senator backing up your bullshit bus.

If Richard is sincere and Dr. Sherry Buchanan is true to her word to the Faculty Senate (certain gentlemen of large proportions haven’t been in the past), then this will be discussed and vetted by all those with an interest. And if we come back to changing the statute, so be it. We will have done it right.

Buchanan looks reasonable. Richard looks heroic. And the people who rose up and objected to RTV’s nefarious methods showed their love for MSSU and common decency.

The only person in this that looks like a horse’s ass is Dr. Bruce W. Speck. And it isn’t the first time. It isn’t the second time. He is the Energizer Bunny of idiocy.

How much longer, Dr. Buchanan? How much longer?


One Response to Do they teach public relations here, Part Shit, we lost track

  1. Slim Fast says:

    The problem is, Speck can’t find Funbags Mathes. Since Southern stole her stretch marks from the feed through that is Pitt State, she has turned into the Incredible Shrinking Woman. She’s dropped so much, and gone from blonde to red, no one can recognize her.
    On a sincere note, how many institutes of higher learning in Missouri have its mission statement written into state law? What is the precedent on this?

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