Why we are back


We let you guys down. We went away. We were angry. We were sad. We were bitter.

We were you.

We are back. We can’t promise for how long. We are few, but with you, we are legion.

This last action against the international mission is unconscionable. But even worse, it was done unilaterally and in secret. The veneer of “shared governance” is gone. This is one more example of an imperial presidency that does not value people, but instead over-promotes people to sustain loyalty in its empire building.

But we are here as a spark-plug and not your club. You have to stick up for yourselves.

If this is to be reversed, someone has to set up a Facebook page. Get on Twitter. Spread the word. Don’t let the summer dissipate your disgust. Call state reps. Get pissed.

If you save the international mission, we will be with you. If you let it die on the vine or don’t at least put it out there trying, we will go away again.

We will always be there for the right cause, but you are the people that have to make the change.

Do the right thing. Break one off in Bruce’s ass.



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