Dissecting a douche

douchebag copyBruce Speck should be produced by Massengill.

He is a douche.

Hey, we watch CNN. Don’t believe us and our shit. Let’s go to the tape.

From the Globe:

“We don’t have an international mission. We have a comprehensive mission to educate students, and part of that is the international component.”

Really? Well, your technicolor no-showship, if we don’t have an international mission then why do you need to have it removed from the statute as two lawmakers told the local newspaper you requested?

Here is what your mission statement says, Dr. Douche:

“state-supported, comprehensive university offering programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. Central to our mission is a strong commitment to international education, liberal arts, professional and pre-professional programs and the complementary relationship that must exist among them to prepare individuals for success in careers and lifelong learning.”

Sounds like a mission to us.

And here is how the Mouth that Roared explained away this unilateral move to change the institution’s focus without study, discussion and debate:

“With or without the state designation of a formal mission, MSSU officials will “remain committed” to providing international and global opportunities to students, Speck said.”

If nothing changes, why change anything?

Missouri State has not asked to change its public affairs language. Missouri Western and its remedial/open admission mission remains in place.

Why Southern?

Because they asked. And here is the bullshit that needs to be called.

Is it shared governance and transparency when the president unilaterally decides to work with lawmakers to change the state-mandated mission? Did Speck meet with the Bored of the Governors? If he did, it violates open meeting laws. If he didn’t, he is seizing unprecedented power.

Why did The Fedora’d One not bring this up before now? Did he want to sneak it into a bill, passed late in a semester and when faculty and students scatter for summer have it lost in the lull?

Duh. What a motherfucker.

And the legislators quoted by the Globe both indicated that the university initiated the statutory change. Yet the university claims it did not. No other statewide mission is addressed.

You tell us.

Is Bruce Speck a liar? Is he a leader? Or is he a douche leading people into lies?


One Response to Dissecting a douche

  1. SNAFU says:

    As for the definition of douchebag on the poster. This fucker reached fucker some fucking time ago. 😉

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