Somewhere Dwight Douglas is being a smug asshole

calm copyThis is what they wanted all along.

It looks like they will get it, too. And, hey, sometimes you eat the b’ar and sometimes the b’ar eats you. But the b’ar ain’t a fucking liar.

In today’s story in the RTV/Beatty Globe, it seems there is a little disconnect on whose idea it was to kill the international mission. Pat Lipira, who has shattered the Jack Oakes 17-day mark as VPAA, tells the Globe:

“Really, we did not trigger this.”

State Sen. David Pearce (R-Obviously) told the Globe this:

“At their request, they had asked to delete that mission from the statute.”

And Sen. Ron Richard, local boy and inspiration for Bill Murray’s role in Kingpin, told the Globe this:

“When the administration calls, you try to do what they ask. That’s how we got the name changed,” Richard said, alluding to the change from college to university. “I don’t know if everybody on campus is good with it; it’s not my job to find that out. We just followed through with the request” for the change regarding the international mission designation.

It is usually easy to tell when the Speck administration is lying. Lips are moving.

What is interesting is that the story included interviews from last week. Dr. Chad Stebbins had to get the news about the bill from a lobbyist.

Where was The Chart on this?

Probably donating plasma and kissing Jo Jo A Go Go’s ass.


One Response to Somewhere Dwight Douglas is being a smug asshole

  1. Vulva von Cirvix, Sixth Earl of Chastity says:

    No, D.D> has always BEEN a smug asshole, where ever he was.
    Now His Bruceship is being a smug calculating self-satisfied wanker!
    So, you can see there’s a clear difference.

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