Chiseled from history

Missouri Southern State University has taken whitewash to a new level.

The U made it clear in April 2011 that it wanted to move in “a different direction” after the dismissal of T.R. Hanrahan and the graduation of Brennan Stebbins. Hey we think it sucks, but it was done. But we never dreamed the paper that they served as editors and Hanrahan returned to as adviser would erase their names from its history.

We wondered about the new KCUMB and UMKC initiatives. So we went looking in The Chart.

A search of the “stebbins” and “hanrahan” of the paper’s website returned no hits for the latter and only hits for the former under “Chad Stebbins.” Incredibly, stories broken during this “rogue” era are likewise not found on the newspaper’s site. A search for “embezzler” (referencing the story about MSSU hiring a convicted embezzler to teach accounting) only retrieved recent stories recounting charges against Karen Pletz. Pletz was the former president of the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

Incredibly, despite a historic no-confidence vote against MSSU President Bruce Speck in 2009 does not appear under a search for “no confidence.” Other, innocuous to the administration stories, appear, but not the 2009-2010 coverage of the affair by The Chart.

In fairness, a full Google search can turn up this coverage. But it requires focused, name-based and term-based key words and would require pre-existing knowledge of the issues. For instance, this is available via Google by searching “Speck and no confidence and Chart” but not by searching The Chart’s website. But most people wanting to know what had happened or the paper’s coverage would go to the primary source — the paper.

Revisionist history is a horrible thing. It distorts reality. It is like that whole several years — like the crazy pharoah who worshiped the sun — has been chiseled from history. Sad to see that The Chart is complicit.


3 Responses to Chiseled from history

  1. one of the downtroden says:

    Why is none of this surprising?

  2. SNAFU says:

    Speck got in bed with the Globe publisher (upon that publisher’s email request). The publisher then sent their reporter on MSSU’s beat to Neosho and stopped all investigative efforts. Speck fired the Chart advisor making the rag a toothless mouthpiece of the administration. Good luck getting any objective or investigative journalism on MSSU. This is not the administration’s first foray into revisionist history. They rewrote the MSSU 75th anniversary history page by falsely stating that Speck received a vote of confidence from the faculty senate. Bald-faced lie. But that’s par for the course for an administration that desires to control media and communication. But people don’t forget…

  3. Pitt State fan says:

    Feel free to make the 30 minute ride north to Pittsburg Wednesday as your Lions take in the Gorillas. Would love to give you a tour of our new basketball only facility.

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