Things that may or may not happen at some time or another or not

In breaking from its usual policy, The Chart actually is reporting some news. Kinda.

According to the campus weekly wipe, UMKC is considering a possible dental school satellite location here. And VPAA of the moment Pat Lipira says of this and the KCUMB adventure that we could get both, none or one.

Well that is just stop the fucking presses incredible. Something might happen sometime or not happen sometime or some things may or may not happen in the future.  No timetable. No specifics. And the educated word is that RTV is persona non grata at KCUMB. They don’t have a problem with MSSU, just him.

Never heard that tune before in a Rich Tenor Voice.

Listen, we agree that health sciences could be a growth area for the school and the area. But we worry the Apple Dumpling Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight will again ride into disaster. Get a plan together. Execute your plan and announce shit when it is done. Because maybe those meddling kids will start asking questions again. And if you don’t have answers, well…we’ve seen that before.


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