Did this guy maybe ‘eclipse’ 1,000 points?

Update: The Chart’s online version has kind of corrected this. It still sounds like he eclipsed the 1,000 points in the one game.  Baby steps.


It’s not just a job. It’s an adventure.elipses

Nowhere we saw in the story does it mention Addison’s passing the 1,000-point mark. And, additionally, the headline makes it sound (should the verb ‘to eclipse’ had been properly employed)  that Addison scored more than 1,000 points in the GAME the Lions won. Yeah. It’s just English and shit. Our native tongue.

And, BTW, even “ellipsis” is misspelled.


One Response to Did this guy maybe ‘eclipse’ 1,000 points?

  1. Pitt State fan says:

    Holy Cat Crap Batman, SW is back! And they’re bad. Where the fuck have you been? So much has happened since you were last here, so much to discuss, so much to cover. We wanted to hear your thoughts on the Cajun Crusader and Southern’s first winning season since Moby Dick was a minner? Southern basketball sinks to the lower echelon of the Great MIAA Way; still no progress on facility improvements; enjoy watching your students do the worm in sleeping bags during timeouts; what a joke of a pep band stinking up the west end of your shrine to track and field; the mascot got a new name, “Roary?” Really? How nice? Does Roary like his new name and how does his life partner Leo like it? From the looks of the costume, from behind. Your AD and prez are such cool cats, too bad our AD and prez can’t look or dress as cool as yours, I guess ours are too busy raising big bucks and building new performance art centers and indoor athletic venues that will benefit more than one program and not just track and field. Look forward to seeing you on Feb. 27. Hope the writer who penned the lyrics for the fight song included MoSuck and Joplin Juco.

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