Boo Boo stepped in doo doo

Dr. Jack Oakes had the temerity to ask Capt. Gracious — Bruce Speck — a question at today’s Administrative Council meeting.

Bad move.

Jack, it was clearly not the place or time to ask about the lack of shared governance in a radical academic restructuring of the University after a presentation in which Speck addressed his “Myth of shared governance” article.

Duh. Submit that fucker in writing and see if you  get an answer “at a later time.”

And God forbid that HLC ask about it years down the line (they won’t. It will be forgotten).

And Tia Strait is probably walking around like a shell-shocked survivor of Oceanic 815 on Lost.

“Hey, girl. Morning. Grab a cup of Joe and your ankles. We are taking most of the major academic areas under your ‘umbrella’ and giving them to A & S and PSBA. Oh, yeah. Don’t take any time off unless we have furloughs. That’s a joke — got me singin’ the blues! You have the charge of landing an on-campus medical school or dental school. If you can’t you can move on. If you do, Dr. Speck will take the credit and you will still be on the list.”

Hobson’s fucking choice. (Someone explain it to Bruce. Maybe a history buff. Like Jim Gilbert. Oh. Never mind)j

And Strait, nor anyone affected by this move was asked if it was a good idea. Or sound down the line. Sounds like Brucie hasn’t figured out sharing yet. But one thing is clear: He is all in on health sciences and he is putting it in the hands of someone many think he really wants to remove.

If he screws up this time, he can try to pin it on Strait but Dr. Sherry Buchanan (a former psychologist) would have no choice but to sack Speck or commit herself.


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