The Myth of Non-Douchebaggery in Hearnes Hall Second Floor Inhabitants: A Uses and Gratifications Study on why they are Assholes

Jesus H. Christ.  And Joseph and Mary. Jumpin’ fucking Jehosaphat.

Bruce W. Speck, president of Missouri Southern and universally reviled asshat, will be telling everyone why he hates the shit out of faculty. From an email from Faculty Senate President Linda Hand:

Dr. Speck will be discussing his article “The Myth of Shared Governance in Higher Education” at the Administrative Council meeting next Wednesday, February 13, at 2:30 in Connor Ballroom in Billingsly Student Center.  All faculty are invited and encouraged to attend.

This is one brazen dickhead.  Isn’t this the guy who was served with an overwhelming vote of no confidence? Isn’t this the guy who escaped being fired on the vague promise to “make nice” and better communicate with faculty? Wasn’t one of the initial Faculty Senate report charges that he didn’t support, encourage or recognize shared governance?

So what does this southern end of a northbound horse (apologies to this insult to equine asses) do? He pens a “scholarly” tome about how faculty can toss his salad because — fuck the times — he ain’t a changin.’  But we are willing to give the devil (how appropriate) his due, we thought it was gutsy to do it in the Connor Ballroom. In a public forum.

Fuck. We were wrong. But not surprised.

He is doing it in the Connor Ballroom, but it is hardly a public forum. It is an Administrative  Council “meeting.” A bunch of people who are beholding or in agreement with him.

He’ll take questions, right? Wrong.

You can send those to Hand, who will sort them. No problem there. She is the designated faculty leader. But RTV will “be writing and distributing his responses at a later date.” We bet there are a lot of faculty who would have loved to have that advantage:

“Hey, thesis/dissertation committee. I will defend my work via previously submitted questions via email. I will choose the questions I wish to answer and reply at an unspecified later time. Is that cool with you?”

Oh, and he points out (quite correctly) that the American Association of University Professors is not an administrative body but an advocacy group. But then makes that case that as such it is unable to separate advocacy from reasonable conclusions.

Hey, asshole.

Advocacy groups ended slavery. They secured civil rights. The women’s right to vote? Yeah. Advocacy group. And when you are playing golf with Southwest Missouri bigwigs be sure to remind them that, as an advocacy group, the National Rifle Association should not get involved in “administrative matters.” You AARP codgers? Fuck off.

This guy is like a one-man invasion force from the planet Anus. He is the original asshole. And he just keeps shitting.


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