Just checking in to see what condition Southern’s condition is in

bruce-w-speck copyAnd from what we see, it ain’t too whoopie.

Even The Dude would realize that when it comes to fundraising, no new shit has come to light. Apparently, LL Cool J Red and the Sunshine Band needed to tell everyone — like Kevin Bacon in Animal House — that all is well. A story in the Joplin “desktop” Globe gave us scant information.

“The well-being of our student-athletes is a top priority,” (Athletics Director Jared) Bruggeman said. “These gifts and the fundraising campaigns are going to enable us to make sure the students have the safest and most positive experience possible while representing Missouri Southern.”

Cool. How much have you douches raised. What is the timetable? Groundbreaking?

Pittsburg, Kan., just pledged $4 million to Pittsburg State University for an indoor practice facility these Missouri Southern asshats couldn’t make happen.

So what looks to be the major economic development initiative of RTV? A fucking bridge to the Northpark Mall. Students bitch about walking from the lower Oval parking lot to class. Do these dillweeds think they are going to flock over the Turkey Creek Bridge to Sears? And staff and faculty? We mean, really. Are they serious about “economic impact.”

And if you want to make points with the city and the business community, don’t try to steal back the medical school deal you so richly fucked up once before.



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  1. SNAFU says:

    Welcome back!

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