We are sorry

We took some time off. We even got close to giving it all up.

We apologize.

It was getting tired. Some of our contributors were moving on. And we honestly didn’t think we would be missed.

But, wow. In the last day, Southernwatch has logged more visits than ever before. We wondered why.

So we asked a college professor well-removed from Missouri Southern, and who did not know we were asking for the Watch, about the Watch. The answers were cool.

Here are some highlights:

When people are frustrated, they look for outlets. And satirists have traditionally been a great release. Will Rogers, Mark Twain and now Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. That site is just a release for people who are worried and seeking answers.

It seems they do provide some news, although that is obviously not the purpose. But there is, it seems, no news coming out of that school, so the blog fills a vacuum. The blog’s purpose, I believe is just to keep the MSSU administration, if not honest, on its toes. Kind of, Hey! We see you!

They are kind of mean. But that mean streak seems to have developed from a disdain of administrators to campus problems.

Well, fine. We are mean. That person is obviously a dick.


One Response to We are sorry

  1. G V Black says:

    Getting “banned” by this administration is a badge of honor. Soon, students who follow SW will be forced to wear scarlet letters to class. Time for a coup d’ etat.

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