Not surprising.

We got the following as an email on May 14. We debated about using it. But we have decided to redact some information and let you hear the message. We don’t want to cause grief for the author, but he/she did send it to a renegade blog while knowing it is a renegade blog. And from the author’s tone, we doubt they would ever work at Missouri Southern.

If this is accurate, it is disturbing and the Missouri Southern Faculty Senate should look into measures to correct the problems.

The email:


 You don’t know me, but I was a recent applicant at MSSU for their posted _______________ position. I came down for an all day interview for this position on May 9th, from __________. Currently, I’m an Assistant Professor in the College of _____ at ______ University in _______. Like MSSU the school has tons of issues and needless to say, I’m getting screwed at my own institution and not getting my contract renewed for the upcoming school year, which leaves me without a job after working there nearly three years, yada, yada, yada. So, MSSU had me in all day, I met tons of people, staff, faculty, upper administration, etc. When I spoke to the faculty I could tell there was something amiss. Then when I asked about annual raises, I was told the school hadn’t issued one in over five years. Ouch!
The day’s events went well and I felt confident an offer would be forthcoming based on my qualification and the time spent with everyone. People in Joplin are very nice BTW. So, on Friday (May 11th) A.J. Anglin calls me to extend me an offer for the position. He goes through the usual of trying hedge the salary, etc. I told him I was not ready to accept any offer as I had two other nearby schools in my area that I wanted to explore as well. Each had offered me a campus visit this week too. I asked him nicely if he’d give me the opportunity to look at these other institutions and to let him know in one weeks time what my decision would be regarding MSSU’s offer. His first response was to throw more money at me. I told him the money he was offering was fine to begin with, but proximity to my home was more important to me since my folks are both getting older and Joplin is 5.5 hrs. away from where I live. These other two schools are a little bit closer (2-3 hrs. respectfully). He said, he’d think about it over the weekend and get back to me today (Mon. 5/14) if we had a deal or not. The guy who’d be my boss told me at the end of my interview day that I was head-and-shoulders a better candidate than the other two who’d made the cut. He was willing to wait and felt confident that the two of us would do a lot of good if I came to MSSU. He understood my situation completely. Well, it’s Monday 5/14 and Dr. Anglin, never called me back. Didn’t even have the courtesy to be man enough to keep his word. From my perspective I could have told him “Yes” then gone ahead and looked at those other two schools anyhow and called him back to say “Sorry” if I like one of them better. But I didn’t. I played my hand fair and square with this guy and this is how he treats an academic colleague?
I came across your site after talking to Anglin late Friday 5/11, because he talked about how MSSU does extensive background checks on all hires because they’ve been “burned” in the past, etc. So, I did a little googling of my own and found your site. Thanks for putting it together and providing me with the evidence I needed to not make a terrible decision for myself by working there. It appears that jerks like him and the jokers that are at the school I’m currently employed under are more and more prevalent in higher ed everywhere. This is the exact kind of elitist, entitled, administration I’m looking to avoid.
We don’t know about you, but this is, again if true, a terrible portrayal of how Missouri Southern does business.

One Response to Not surprising.

  1. SNAFU says:

    This sounds like the top candidate for the Instructional Designer position in Lifelong Learning to replace Charles Harris. It should come as no surprise to you that the odious motherfucker fucked this up just like he fucked up firing three faculty members recently. He is both incompetent and just plain mean. Those are some of the reasons he was fired, er… “returning to the classroom of his own volition.” (yea, right).

    Faculty at MSSU should be happy he’s gone, but the root of the problem still remains in office. Until he is gone, Southern will continue it’s parade of blunders and morale will continue its downward spiral into oblivion.

    Hey BoG! Have you analyzed the faculty survey results? Staff survey results? Didn’t think so…

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