Bored of the Governors. Again.

Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.


We liked that The Chart attempted to provide coverage. And Roger McKinney slept through the proceedings, as usual.

However, neither media outlet caught the meat of the meeting.

Bruce Speck, despite faculty stopping just short of accusing him of the Lindbergh kidnapping, will likely be re-upped. Again.

You see, Sherry Buchanan is the biggest idiot to ever hold a Ph.D.

How will the Bored review His Doucheship? Oh, it will be very impartial. You see, all his direct reports – the Presidunce Council – will evaluate him.  Oh, boy. “Hey, Willie Sutton! You want to evaluate bank security?”

Let’s look at this, shall we?

Darren Fullerton: Pool boy. Absolutely the thinnest of qualifications for his job. No terminal degree, yet he has reports that have one. Hired by Speck. Beholding to Speck.

Rob Yust: Danced to the Dwight Douglas financial disaster tune that ousted Julio Leon. At the time, no one saw the ACTUAL financial disaster. He is the architect of the “depreciation” math. Played his marginal academic credentials into a VP slot. Again, no terminal degree and total allegiance to The Fedora’d One.

Pat Lipira: Jury is still out here. But Lipira got her academic bona fides the old fashioned way – she busted her ass. This might be a good sign for faculty. Or, Lipira might just be padding retirement cash. If it is the latter, another beholding to Bruce.

Jo Jo A Go Go: Holy fuck. Is there anyone who owes Bruce more than the Pixie of the Pledge Me? Good god. She became a VP before she even used a bathroom in Hearnes Hall! Parsons quits. Bruce goes ape shit. Points at Graffam and says “You!” And your husband can have a basketball job. Until that asshole blog calls us on it. No. She isn’t beholding to him at all.

LL Cool J-Red: This is a particularly incredible douchebag. RTV was the chair of the committee that hired this tool, but that is not what makes him most troubling here. You see, the director of athletics wasn’t previously part of Presidunce Council and afforded a seat at the Bored of the Governors meetings. RTV elevated the position unilaterally. You see, in effect, The Goatee is now a vice president. Oh, yeah. He doesn’t have a terminal degree either. Lipira should rank him in education and athletic achievement. She won a national title and has a doctorate, you little dick.

It is a weak group. And they all owe their allegiance to Bruce W. Speck.

Get ready for another round of fun.


One Response to Bored of the Governors. Again.

  1. Dante says:

    My dealings with Jo Jo a Go Go have been unsavory at best. Yet she wonders why big name donors seem to disappear. Time to clean house at this “Institution of Higher Learning.”

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