Return? To the classroom?

God fucking help me

The revolving door at the Vice President for Academic Affairs office continues.

Shit, we bet Julie Vestal is just asking for a head shot, a resume and a chance to work from home.

AJ Anglin, Odious Motherfucker, is rediscovering his joy for teaching. How novel. No other MSSU administrator under Bruce Speck has done that shit.

But there are some questions.

Hey, old fucking timer. When was the last time you SAW a classroom?

The answer is probably sometime during the Johnson administration. That is hyperbole, but, fuck. Come on. This guy hasn’t taught in a generation.

And let’s be fucking frank. He wasn’t exactly a friend of faculty while serving as RTV’s hatchet man. Really? We are sure the faculty will welcome this geriatic jackwagon with open arms.

How much will he be paid?

CUPA, we believe, has a formula for former administrators’ salaries. Will Southern follow that? And will this change add to the overall payroll expense?

Pat Lipira *wink* will be given an assistant. Isn’t this an additional expense?

From time to time, the U has had assistant assistant academic VPs.  But it doesn’t now. Is that, again, an additional expense?

How many hours will this dinosaur teach?

Listen. We don’t want to belabor the age thing too much. But, holy shit. This guy is old. He has like retired three times or something. Will he teach a full load or will he teach a class or two and have the fun of napping on “other duties as assigned time?” And they call full-time faculty lazy?


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