Hey, Cassie. Start warming up.

Can you believe there is a more callous douche?


When Dr. Bruce Speck, colossal assclown, gets warmed up, it is fun to watch.

At the reception for those retiring from the university, RTV again went off script and offended many.

At one point, when trying to recognize a departing physical plant employee, he talked about how she always greeted him with a smile when he came down there to fill his car with gas.

Taxpayer supplied gas.

Gas that costs the people the reception was honoring a pretty penny.

Gas that he gets free, but people denied raises or promotions for years find a dear expense.

The market says that that is part of Speck’s compensation package. Fine. But to bring it up at such an event is to rub it in.

What a douche.

We can imagine if someone worked at the bank.

“Every time I see Jim at the bank, he is so upbeat. We usually meet at the same time. Jim, being my favorite custodian, always has a smile. We usually meet for similar reasons. Jim, I understand, is paying his mortgage. I am usually checking to make sure my HOUSING ALLOWANCE hit.”


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