Who are you?

Welcome to Whoville.

With apologies to Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon, who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?

After looking at some of The Book, we know some things. Arnie is RTV. Darnell Dolittle is Mighty Dwight. And Olivia is our author, Carla Huntington.

But who is who is who?

We know you either have or have ordered this book. So…

We are asking for a stressballian effort from you, dear readers. Give us your best guess about who is who is who. And tell us why they are the who they are. We will  publish these in a future post. And once we get our copy, we will give you our thoughts. Complete with a flow chart.

What really strikes us is how pissed off Huntington must be at everyone. We can’t think of one character that doesn’t have some flaws, Olivia included. We think this book wasn’t originally for publication. We guess it was some kind of cathartic exercise and someone said, “That would be a hell of a book.” It has a lot of mistakes, so it wasn’t heavily edited.

Now give us your thoughts about who is who. And then smash the shit out of your guitars.


3 Responses to Who are you?

  1. Pippa says:

    Hey, I ordered mine on Google Books. $9.99 and instead reading!

  2. Pippa says:

    I read the book – just finished it. I’m not sure what to make of it. More than anything, it portrayed the school of business as being run by incompetents. And the protagonist didn’t come off as too credible, either, in that her personal relationships were extremely flawed and she made bad choices.
    It reads like an unfinished tome. Bad writing.

  3. Pippa says:

    Dr. Carla Huntington has written a book with a plot line that promises to shed light on the last five years of sturm and drang at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, where she used to hold a teaching position. But the book reads like a romance novel with an axe to grind against MSSU, and there is really no plot. And the sub plot of the romance is rather lame and undeveloped. Sadly, it is a poorly written book.
    The best parts are where she describes Dwight Douglas and Speck.
    She also does a fairly good job of showing how incompetent the middle management (department heads) and lower level administrators are.
    But she doesn’t explore it enough to really explain it, and she doesn’t use any theories of management to show how the vacuum left by “Luis” (aka Leon) was so quickly filled by incompetent autocrats.
    The inherent problem at MSSU is, as I see it, is that under Julio nobody had any power. It was an autocracy. So, when he left, the powerlessness continued unabated and DD was able to do what he wanted without any curbing or resistance. By the time people realized what was going on, it was too late to stop the rocks from tumbling off the mountain. The State of Missouri needs to step in and clean up the mess. But they won’t. And the Board of Governors is also a powerless group, except for the ones who are really running the show.
    Unfortunately, Huntington’s book didn’t really give us any insight into how the problems could be fixed. And the ending was wholly unsettling. If it weren’t for the gossip value, this book would be worthless as a read.

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