Cue Elvis Costello

Author! Author!

Every day, Every day, Every day I write the book.


Carla Huntington DID write the book. And none of us knows what is says beyond the blurbs and teasers. But it looks like a mixed bag for Julio Leon, er, Fonticello. So how does it look for some of the rest of the players?

How does RTV come across? How does she portray her faculty colleagues? Does the Watch get a nod?

It is like a political tell-all where everyone is checking the index for their names.

And from the pages gleaned on Amazon, it appears Huntington is portraying a community that is less than welcoming to persons of color or ethnic diversity.

What cool development. And we got the tip from a reader who got the tip from a reader, well….you know you all read.

Right, Beverly?



5 Responses to Cue Elvis Costello

  1. Kate says:

    Well, crap–I posted before I could proofread. Yes, go ahead and mock me (sigh). It still reads like a bad Harlequin romance written with an eye to brand-name tie-ins for the movie.

  2. wes says:

    The book is fiction, not an accurate description of events leading to the vote.

  3. Pippa says:

    As a novel, it was pretty bad. However, it was interesting to read it from the perspective of a former professor at Southern. Somehow the protagonist doesn’t come across as being all that credible. She made bad choices and carried a lot of baggage. But her depiction of the Board of Governors and Dwight Douglas was excellent. One thing that dismayed me was her depiction of “Renee.” That was a bit harsh.

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