Best name/literary passage ever…



Carla Huntington isn’t Hemingway. Hell, she isn’t even Stephanie Freaking Meyer. But this line from what will hereafter be known simply as The Book had us pissing ourselves with laughter.

O’course, at the first meeting I instantly detested Darnell Dolittle, with his Napoleon complex.

Fuck. Darnell Dolittle. This woman should write for us. That name is gold.

But this one hits home (emphasis ours):

People looked back, and now with nostalgia, back before Luis left. Olivia and Nancy both agreed they didn’t have to watch their backs or wonder if what they were seeing was a line of BS longer than the people waiting in Wal Mart on Black Friday. Everybody had their roles, knew they were stuck but being okay with it. Whenever somebody up the ladder retired or died, the next person in line would take the job, like natural selection. Back then you could just sit and listen to Luis and know it was like getting a lecture from your Dad who only complained and never did anything about it. it was the way he showed he cared, and he wanted you to spend the money and take the car — he felt like he had a purpose.


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