What the hell is next?

Welcome to The Pride!

In another bold public relations move, Missouri Southern’s Bored of the Governors imposed some heavy fees on students.

You want a transcript for graduate school? $10 a pop. You drive to school? $3 more, please. All you fureners? Open a vein and bleed us $50 for phone calls, correspondence and such. Because you funny talking weirdos don’t use things like cell phones, Skype and email. Rental books, $2 an hour more, bookworm. And here is our favorite –what we’ve called the up the ass on the way out fee — $50 graduation fee.

Let’s have fun with math. Let’s say you are a local yokel taking 15 hours. The hike in tuition and parking alone is around $100. Let’s say you are a senior, too. And let’s use the conservative number of five transcripts needed for employers or grad schools. With those and the $50 graduation fee, your increase tops $200.

And here is a bet we would make. They aren’t done yet. This is just what the Bored has to approve. We bet they come for faculty and staff next. Parking fee for them would be a good one to count on. Put a toll booth in front of the Oval, why don’t ya?


2 Responses to What the hell is next?

  1. Tacky says:

    Bruce passed out a memo at the All Faculty Meeting discussing Emeritus Faculty Benefits. One of the benefits was parking on campus for the same fee that faculty and staff currently pay. Let’s all guess what’s happening next.

  2. Kate says:

    Well, when banks started nickel and diming them to death, people revolted and took their business elsewhere. Wonder why the fancy retention specialists didn’t warn Speck and the Space Cadets that the same thing happens to educational institutions??

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