Stop. Stay in control.

This video  is making the Missouri Southern rounds today.

Watch it and then come back to us.

O.K., you back? Great.

Now. Where is the fucking money coming from?

New residence halls? We counted three, including a “family apartment” one. A new academic building? They haven’t been able to even do the renovations to Reynolds Hall that are dreamed of here.

Is this video slick and cool and would we like all of this? YES!! Will we get ANY of it? Unlikely.

This isn’t a “Master Plan,” it is a “Master Dream.” And dreaming big is good. The U should dream big. But dreams like this with no fathomable way to make them even approach achievement is idiotic.

And to present this to the public at a time when people are so skittish about jobs and raises are not coming and such is just plain obnoxious. This is propaganda, pure and simple.

Go ahead, call us the naysaying, anonymous cowards. We hear that all the time. But when a shovel goes in the ground on a new building, we will rip off our mask and get in line for the Kool-Aid. Until then, put up or shut up.

Also, when RTV speaks of Missouri Southern’s history it makes us vomit in our mouths. First of all, he has been here a shorter time than a lot of seniors. Second, we were once located at Fourth and ByerS. Not Fourth and Byer. Way to go, douche.

Second, tell the voice over dude that it is Hearnes Hall, not Harns Hall. Jesus. This is basic shit. Even Goebbels got the names right.

And aren’t “Welcoming” and “Inviting” virtually the same thing?

And “these changes won’t happen overnight?” Shit. What happened overnight is we spent God knows how much on this video wish list. Show us how to get there. THAT will be a master plan.

Right now the only thing at the end of this master is bation.


4 Responses to Stop. Stay in control.

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    Not once did he mention hiring faculty to teach in these new classrooms. He and his cronies won’t give raises and they won’t let anybody hire to replace the ones they have forced out or the ones that have gotten so sick of their garbage they left. What money they do offer is such a joke that nobody that is really good or experienced wants to come. He also didn’t mention how they were going to go about repairing the reputation the school has gotten since his reign began. Believe me, the place has become a laughing stock and the punch line for many jokes. Students know it. So do their parents. Would you want your kids to attend a school with the reputation MSSU has earned? There are some very good programs but the service the students get is lacking. He’s trying to repair his own reputation by riding the tornado-train. He is a joke. Most of the board is a joke. The sports program is beyond a joke. This guy makes me violently ill!

  2. Foofram says:

    Is YouTube screwing up or are the production values really this terrible?

  3. Lady Chatterley says:

    All MSSU did was to pay RDG Planning & Design several hundred thousand dollars to come up with this concept and video. The real vision for MSSU would be to come up with a plan to fund it. Speck has demonstrated that he has no ability to raise any money whatsoever. He’ll be gone in 2 or 3 years; we’ll never see any of this come to reality.

  4. G.V. Black says:

    The board is filled with privileged do nothings that have about ten other interests ahead of MSSU. Sad to see what was a growing and vibrant university being killed by a thousand paper cuts.

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