And the band played on…

The "Maestro."

Does 88.7 KXMS, Missouri Southern’s crappical classical radio station, read the Watch?

The people programming that shit may want to start. The station has given us more material than we could have hoped for when we chose our Titanic theme in honor of the 100th anniversary of Molly Brown getting out with dry knickers.

You see, this week on the stations “Southern Serenade” segment, they will be playing Titanic-themed music. Which they announced yesterday — two full days after we debuted our new blog theme.

And on Friday the 13th, they will play an hour of music from the decks of the actual Titanic. They should pipe that shit directly into Hearnes Hall and never turn it off.

So, Titanic music plays while RTV steers the U into an Eisberg. And a Friday the 13th.

The satire gods are smiling on us this week.


One Response to And the band played on…

  1. Don Draper says:

    How dare you denigrate my favorite radio station……………….

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