Good news

Good for him.

According to The Turner Report, former Chart adviser T.R. Hanrahan has a new job. Hanrahan has accepted a one-year position teaching journalism and advising the yearbook at Missouri Western State University.

A reader had sent us a screen shot of Hanrahan’s Facebook page last week where he announced his appointment. We posted it, but Hanrahan sent us an email asking us to not make a big deal out of it. In the email, he told us he is happy to have a chance to do what he loves and he wishes Missouri Southern nothing but the best. He was concerned that he would get dragged into an adversarial situation.

Since Turner has let it out, here is our take.

We hope he has great success. Not that his yearbook people are going to be filing FOIA requests right and left, but he belongs in a classroom teaching students how to report. And his FB update about the job has nearly 50 comments and more than 100″likes,” so we are apparently not alone.


One Response to Good news

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    One of the most stupid things this administration did was can a teacher that the students loved, actually taught students how to be reporters, how to write news, how to dig for facts, and pushed then to do it right. If you have nothing to hide then you’re not afraid of this kind of dedication. ‘Nuff said! I wish him well.

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