We need your help

Since readers were so helpful with the stressball promotion, we have another project for y’all.

Help us find a new header for the blog. You see, the “raising the dead dough” thing was cool because of the JoJo promotion and the Special KG hire and all coinciding with Easter, but that season is coming to a close this weekend.

And we are drawing a fucking blank on a topical and snarky way to replace it. That is where you come in. Send your ideas to southernwatch1011@gmail.com.

Help us help you ridicule those who most deserve it.


7 Responses to We need your help

  1. Kate says:

    Well, it’s almost summer break–would something about splashing in the shallow end of the gene pool be appropriate?

  2. Foofram says:

    How about rebranding (puke) the blog with a cute little green and gold tornado, like the white tornado on the old Ajax commercials?

  3. one of the downtrodden says:

    I love the gene pool idea. Little bitty sperm with all the featured players faces on them chasing each other around trying to fuck each other.

  4. SNAFU says:

    Peter Principle. The possibilities are endless. Has synergy with gene pool.

  5. Tacky says:

    How about the Titanic? That would be easy.

  6. Don Draper says:

    Speck’s EF5 to finally bury MSSU on May 22, 2012.

  7. Pinktigress says:

    Use 2012. Like the end of the university as we know it, etc. You know me, always looking for the John Titor connection,,,,

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